Tomato Time

The garden has been quite good to us this summer, despite recent neglect.  The current abundance is the cheery cherry tomato.  I only planted two plants, and they just keep producing, taking over a good half of one of my raised beds.  No complaints here, though, and especially not from PB who proclaims “Juicy!” as the ripe tomato bursts in her mouth.  Or “No like” when she picks a green or under-ripe fruit.

I’m hoping to spend some quality time in the garden this weekend, taming the weeds, watering the parched plants, and eating lots of these gems straight from the vine.  How does your garden grow this first weekend of September?









4 thoughts on “Tomato Time

  1. My garden? Sadly neglected! I haven’t planted vegetables the past few years, and coast along on my five fabulous blueberry bushes. The yard could really use an exuberant weeding/pruning…

    Your tomatoes look fabulous!

  2. Since we planted so late, a lot of what we planted is starting to be harvested now.

    We got a good deal of cukes and something that looks like a cubenelle pepper but is MUCH spicier.

    I have a little mini acorn squash ready to cook. It looks like I may have some butternut squash soon, too.

  3. I have cherry tomatoes too. Just two plants but I wish I’d planted a dozen – I could eat them all day!

    And the chillis are starting to redden.

    More than anything I’m planning what we’ll be growing next year…

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