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We have been loving the book First Art: Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos around here, and we have been working our way through some of the activities over the past couple of months.  One of the things we hadn’t done yet was make play dough.  With some time alone over the weekend, PB and I cooked up a batch and got to the good work of exploring.

It took a long time to cook, I thought.  The salt is slow to dissolve, and the flour  mixture came out a little lumpy.  Most of this was worked out in the kneading, but there are still some lumps and bumps.  More texture to explore, I say!  I made a half batch, unsure of what the yield would be.  Next time, think I will follow the variation for “single servings” and make a couple of different colors.

PB loved poking the dough as well as hitting it with the hammer and rolling pin we inherited from PDXKnitterati’s boys.  Such fun!

What are some of your favorite toddler art and exploration activities?

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  1. I lovingly made my kids many different colours of play dough over the holidays and they mushed it all together into one big lump of BROWN! So I guess they sort of learned to mix colours. I also made some black with glitter in, they have kept that one nice as it’s more special.

  2. We love play dough, too! Thank you for that book recommendation–sounds like one we’ll have to check out. I’ve been thinking about how helping in the kitchen can be an artistic experience for little ones, too, especially when you’re using homegrown veggies and herbs. So much color, texture, scent, variety in form and shape, and just plain beauty. Happy Monday!

  3. When I visited Portland last November, I took my son and grandson to the Children’s Museum in Portland, where they have an entire room for playing with clay. Four-year-old grandson had a great time, and 40-year-old son had to be dragged out when the place closed becasue he was still working on a project. Have to admit that I, too, loved getting my hands in the clay and remembering making the play dough all those years ago.

  4. I made some uncooked playdough a few weeks ago and my son loved it. It was really easy, as I didn’t have to stir and cook it, just mix and then knead. Made a lot though!

  5. I’ve been a long-time lurker. Don’t think I’ve ever commented but this post hit a nerve. A good one. Thanks for the book recommendation. My twins are 22-months so we’re always looking for new activities.

    This is my favorite Ma href=”http://mymontessorijourney.typepad.com/my_montessori_journey/2008/10/homemade-playdo.html”>homemade playdough recipe. It comes together quickly and consistently. I’ve never had an issue with lumps. It does make a generous amount (~2 baseballs worth) if you don’t have twins. I’ve found that it lasts forever (at least 2 months before getting grimy) if sealed in a tupperware type container. She has great suggestions for add-ins. Scents, spices, glitter. Even suggestions for “Playdough of the month” combinations.

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