Glitter Art

I have been itching to do something creative for the shop, a small piece art or craft project to personalize the space a bit.  An after toddler bedtime trip to Michael’s and a sale on large canvases led me to this:

This was a fun project that hit all the pleasure points of a quick project for me: it was messy but not too much so, there was color and sparkle, and it was nearly immediately ready to put on display.  I totally overestimated how much paint and glitter this project would take, so I can see many more glittery pieces of word art in my future.

If you’re feeling like making a little glitter art, here’s what I did:


  • Paint canvas.  In this case I did give it a quick coat of white the day before.
  • Choose a word and either draw it on canvas or use a stencil.  I used masking tape to attach the letters to one another, then centered the whole thing on the canvas and taped down the edges.
  • Paint the letters to add dimension (optional). If using stencils, take care to keep the edges of the letters down.  I had some paint seep through on the Y.
  • Once paint is dry, use the adhesive of your choice to attach glitter to one letter at a time.  I used plain old Elmer’s school glue and a paintbrush.
  • Shake excess glitter from first letter onto a plate, piece of paper, or shallow cardboard box.  Use this to sparkle up the next letter, adding fresh glitter as needed.
  • Let dry flat, then use a dry brush to remove any stray sparkles.
  • Hang and enjoy!



One thought on “Glitter Art

  1. I can tell that my girls are teens now: went looking for Elmer’s glue the other day and found we had none. None! How is it that we’ve gone from bottles of it tucked everywhere and safety scissors in every drawer to no glue and one lone pair of regular scissors in the pencil/pen cup?

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