Yarn Everywhere and Not a Thing to Knit!

As some of you wisely pointed out to me recently, during times of change, busy-ness or stress, something has to give.  And yes, housework has been low on the list of priorities to be sure.  Blogging, cooking, crafting, and knitting have also fallen low, which makes me a little bit sad.  I reassure myself that this is a temporary state, and try to enjoy these things as time allows.

Over the weekend I made a trip to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival to pick up some orders for Stash.  It was a lovely day of meeting with the dyers and artisans that will be making up a large part of the shop.  It’s so exciting to see these lovelies in person after all the planning and ordering.  Finally, there is yarn in the shop!

There are so many pretty skeins and a ton of great patterns, and yet I find myself paralyzed when it comes to choosing my first project from the shop’s stash.  Not a bad problem to have, I know!  But seriously, one of my concerns about opening a yarn shop was that it would take the shine off my cherished knitting, make me lose interest.  I’m not saying that’s what is happening, but I do need to remember this as I go forward:

Make Time For the Thing You Love Doing.

A good reminder, no?

This week I’m going to focus on my personal knitting, and will decide on a sample knit for the shop. What do you need to make more time for?

2 thoughts on “Yarn Everywhere and Not a Thing to Knit!

  1. Well, what should I make time for or what do I want to make time for?? That is the ultimate question!

    Seriously, I need to make time for more knitting, sewing, and reading. I find that if I get time to work on something (or read a book) I love it so much that I want to devote all my time to it. Almost like there is no happy medium. I think a good balance is much needed!

  2. I’m at the point where I do have more time for the things I love doing. What I really need to do is make time for the things I don’t like to do. I find I tend to ignore things like bookkeeping, checkbook balancing…yuck. I’d rather knit and keep my head in the sand!

    But yes, you do need to make time for things that you love. Especially PB!

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