Yarn Along :: Of Wishes

If wishes were stitches, or fruit in a jar, I’d have a finished hat and a pantry full of preserves.  Alas, I have neither, but the hope remains that one day soon I will.  The hat is a few rows away from being bound off; after that’s it’s just a matter of whipping up an i-cord or choosing a ribbon for the accent.  This is a sweet beret from the lovely Vintage Knits for Modern Babies and has been going along smoothly, if a little slowly due to my lack of dedication to the project.

I picked up these books in the recent going out of business sale at Borders, and keep daydreaming about jubilant jams and decadant cupcakes.  This weekend I’m going to try one of the cupcake recipes, likely the coconut lime or chocolate cherry creme, depending on my mood.  And our freezer is full of hand-picked blueberries and raspberries, just waiting for the right time to be put up into a batch of jam.

How is your stitching and preserving coming along?

Yarn Along is inspired by Ginny at Small Things who says: Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  Glad to be playing along this week!

9 thoughts on “Yarn Along :: Of Wishes

  1. I, too, have been wishing for more time to knit and work in the kitchen. I keep meaning to make up some apple butter but time keeps slipping through my fingers. Maybe we can both find more time in the next week to put up our preserves. 🙂

  2. Hi Sonia! It’s Katie from LB. I love the first two cookbooks on your stack — be very, very careful with the vegan cupcakes cookbook, as they are extremely addictive. I’ve made almost every recipe! Try the almond apricot ones first, they’re my very fave. The canning book has been more “inspirational” (in other words, I haven’t made a thing from it yet, but I have good intentions!). The beret is adorable, by the way.

  3. I finished my knitting project (the red ruffle tank I was wearing when I saw you) and then had nothing on the needles! Well, a sock, but I’m not inspired by socks. Just started a shawl in a spring green to ward off the dark days of winter. And I made plum ginger jam, which didn’t set as firmly as I’d like…but I’ll still keep playing my pioneer game! I have lots of blueberries in the freezer, but still have blueberry lime jam from last year in the pantry…

    I love the varied reds in your hat.

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