Playing Catch Up

It’s PB’s naptime on my day off, and I thought I would play catch up a little bit in this space…

We recently tore out our summer garden and have been enjoying investigating the remaining cold weather plants (and insects) with PB.  Pumpkins, squash, chard, and the nasturtiums are still going strong, and my daughter has a keen eye for spiders, beetles, and caterpillars.

Meanwhile, the sugar pumpkins I planted so many months ago are not turning orange.  One of them has just a tinge of orange, and the rest are still quite green. Sweetie has suggested that maybe they didn’t get enough sun in their place beneath the corn stalks.  Does anyone know if they will turn? Can I bake with a green pumpkin?

PB is growing into the most expressive, adventurous, talkative, curious, and loving little person. I look into those baby blues and my heart fills to capacity thinking of all that she is and will become. Becoming a mother has made me all the more understanding and compassionate for my mother; to think, someone loves me as much as I love PB–how magnificent!

Going to work has meant less face time with my daughter each day, and that has been a little difficult for us both. I’m trying to resist the temptation to “make up for it” by turning our together time into an over-scheduled, let’s fit in all the fun sort of experience. Instead, I am challenging myself to  just let the time pass naturally and trust that fun activities will happen organically. With a few planned activities and outings sprinkled in, of course, but only when they fit in with family time.

Yesterday after nap, PB was very quiet and wanted to stay close to mama. Gone were  my aspirations of a trip to the library and visit with friends. Yes, let’s snuggle and read books instead. These moments pass altogether too quickly, and I am doing my best to soak them in.

Being your own boss has its liberation and burdens. Something I’m trying to work toward is being focused on work at work, and on home at home, letting the worries of one place go for a little while so that I can be present and focused on the task at hand.  I want to be available, say yes, and grow a successful business, but I need to recharge and focus on our family 100% at least one whole day per week. And stay in my sweatpants while doing it. ; )

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