A November Miracle

Yesterday we all ventured out into the backyard during a now rare dry afternoon. I wanted to check on the orangeness of my sugar pumpkins (not much improvement) and snap some photos of PB in her new beret. Imagine our surprise and delight to discover these jewels:

This is the Petite Beret from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies. I have made a few things from this book, and have enjoyed them all; well worth a flip through if you have a babe in your life. This one just fits, and I am hoping it will last through the winter. Of course, there are a ton more cute kid’s hat patterns out there to try out if it doesn’t.

I knit this out of the rather luxurious Panda Silk DK that I got in a stash swap several months ago. The color reminds me of fall; tart cranberries (or raspberries as the case may be) and deep purple leaves. Turns out I didn’t put this in Ravelry, and it’s been finished for a few weeks, so not sure on the details. It took less than a ball, and I may have added the little icord topper. How’s that for detailed?!

I’ve got that what-to-knit next twitch now, and am flailing around my personal stash looking for ideas and inspiration.  I want to make some toddler vests, a sweater for myself, a hat and mitt set, and perhaps even a new neckwarmer.  How do you harness your creative energy and decide on a project? Do you just cast on with wild abandon? Help!
Hope your week has you discovering some colorful surprises and other good things, too.