Autumn Fairies

While eating breakfast this morning (a banner batch of this granola), I noticed a little fairy watching over us from atop a picture frame.  These are something I made in October for a seasonal Waldorf-inspired swap that I was late to complete and even later to blog, but that’s not what’s important here.  What is important? How sweet, simple, and charming these little sprites are! I had a lot of fun staying up late one night creating different combinations of hair and clothing.

Working late

I followed the basic ideas in this tutorial, opting out of wrapping the pipe cleaners and drawing on faces. I embellished my gals with bits of felt and silk flowers I had in the craft stash.  Leftover sock yarn makes stunning hair, don’t you think? (looking back at that tutorial just now I realized I forgot to give my fairies wings. Oops!)

We’ve been trying to soak up the last days of autumn, observing all the shades of scorched orange, golden yellow, and rusty red leaves on trees. Today there was a bit of blue in the sky, and we ran out to enjoy the fair weather and collect some leaves.  I had been wanting to make a leaf place mat or garland, but PB had other plans, dumping our cache back onto the ground on our way home.  Oh, well.  We got to enjoy those luminous leaves and sunny weather, and that’s what I wanted all along.

How are you enjoying these late fall days?

7 thoughts on “Autumn Fairies

  1. These are adorable! What a great fun idea. I think I will try this out and see what JC thinks about them…..

  2. Such sweet little fairies! Love the bright colors.

    I’m soaking up the colored leaves too, and every bit of sunshine I can get.

  3. i think the leaf circles are some of the coolest things ever. there’s some good ones along crystal lake right before 99 too. but these are great!

  4. The fairies are charming, but I love the way the leaves have fallen into their own little tree neighborhoods!

    And I think it’s time to update your bio…see you at Stash!

  5. Your fairies came out adorable! I love all those beautiful bright Fall leaves too! Thank you very much for linking my tutorial and I’m so glad you found it helpful!

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