Cambrian Cowl

My first (and only planned) Christmas gift is finished! I decided to keep it simple this year, and wasn’t planning on making anyone anything unless inspiration struck. There would be no forced sweat-factory-style knitting in my home this year! Not that I feel particularly obligated to give knitted gifts, I just have the good fortune of having family who really appreciate it when I do.

This year’s lucky recipient is PB’s babysitter, a sweet, smart, and energetic college student from Portland. She more than deserves a hand knit for all the TLC she gives PB.  I hope she enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed knitting it.

This cowl is from Coastal Knits, and was a quick knit on chunky yarn. My gauge was off from the pattern (Ravelry notes here), so I had to fudge things a bit, but it all worked out in the end. The tweedy sage green Imperial Native Twist yarn was soft to begin with, but got even more so after a lovely bath. The buttons are a new favorite from  One of a Kind Buttons, and the main reason I chose this pattern; chunky yarn and buttons together? Yes, please. Oh, and the yarn buttons are both from Oregon!

Are you making gifts this year? How’s it going so far?

4 thoughts on “Cambrian Cowl

  1. I confess to sweat shop knitting this year. As this was my first year as a knitter with limited funds, but plenty of time…the gifts (hats, scarves, cowls and a shawl for Grandma )are just about finished with ship dates on Friday!

  2. I’ve completed a dishrag set, an original design cowl, coffee cup cozies and I’m on the tail end of a cable sweater for my husband. If I have enough time, I want to make the Modern Reticule from the “Jane Austen Knits 2011” and hide a cute present for Hobbit in it and hang it from the tree. I’ve already cast on and am halfway done with the base but there are several new stitch techniques involved which have caused several false starts… lol.

    Your cowl came out wonderfully well – I am loving the buttons and the yarn looks so smooshy soft. Well done, you.

  3. That cowl is lovely (and i think I may be in love with those buttons!)

    Last year, I churned out a lot of hand-knitted gifts. This year, I cut back. No hand-knits for my Grandparents (last year, they got put away somewhere on the 26th and no one has seen them since, and the year before they were “too nice to use.”) My aunt just got a pair of hand-knit gloves for her birthday on Friday, so she doesn’t need another one for Christmas, either. They’re getting consumables this year- truffles and such.

    The only hand-knitted gift that is coming off of my needles this year is a pair of socks for my my mother, at her specific request (her feet get cold easily). She is definitely worthy of them, and takes excellent care of the pair that she has now. She has been warned that they may not be done in time for Christmas, though- I’m moving on the 17th of December to a new apartment!

  4. We agree on how we handle Christmas gift knitting. Not unless inspired, and no long lists of “must do’s.” I’m making one pair of Thrumbelina thrummed slippers for a friend, since she was so admiring of the design prototype in-progress.

    Your cowl looks squishily lush!

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