They say that the days pass slowly, but the years pass quickly. How true that feels today, on Peaceful Baby’s second birthday! I suppose she is officially  Peaceful Toddler now, what with her walking, jumping, climbing, talking, singing, and having definite ideas about the way things should go.

It has been such an adventure and a privilege parenting this magical little one. From those first uncertain days and sleepless nights to now, where we know just a little bit more of what we’re doing.  There’s still plenty of uncertainty, but each day that we get to see more of who she is, the more certain I become that I love being her mama.  And I am most certainly looking forward to the coming year and all its joys and challenges.

Happy Birthday!

11 thoughts on “Two

  1. happy birthday Peaceful Toddler! It’s lovely watching her grow up (and getting ideas for little girls…). She’s nearly a year younger than Alice but I feel like I’m watching them grow up together.

  2. Happy birthday PB and many, many more! What a beautiful knit blue top, did your Mommy make it for you?

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