Inspired to Start Fresh

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut, trudging along in the same worn out habits day after day, dreaming of what your life/job/diet/body/home/etc could be?  No mater how organized or happy we are, there are moments where we all catch ourselves thinking about making changes, large or small, in our lives.  I’m a dreamer and love looking forward to the next adventures coming up in my life.

To that end, I wanted to share a couple of gorgeous online workshops I’m participating in this winter.


A Lovely Venture by Julie Wray of Olivine’s Charm School

This is an online workshop geared toward creative women who have or are thinking about starting their own businesses.  There’s a lot of frank sharing and prompts for self-reflection and list-making so far, which I think would have really helped me out when I was first forming my ideas and strategies for Stash.  This is a go-at-your-own-pace course, with a Facebook Group for sharing and networking among participants.  I’m hoping to get inspired and learn some new tricks for vamping up the creativity and efficiency of my business.


Whole Foods Workshop by Heather of Beauty that Moves

I first participated in Heather’s 30 Day Vegan Diet last spring, and found it to be a wonderful experience.  A bit radical, cutting all animal products out of one’s diet for a month, but it was just the challenge I needed.  At the time I had been thinking a lot about changing the way I ate and was seriously considering eliminating meat from my daily diet.  After this experience, with the help of recipes, thoughtful blog posts, and the comments of other participants, I felt I had the tools and knowledge to venture out into the world of vegetarianism.  I’ve had my temptations (the smell of a sizzling steak still makes my mouth water, and I’ve had the occasional bite of bacon or seafood), but for the most part I haven’t looked back.

Since going back to work this fall, our family meals have really taken a nosedive.  We used to eat about 90% of our food made from scratch, and would enjoy eating restaurant food about twice a week.  Lately there has been a lot more convenience foods and takeout, and I think we’re all feeling the effects.  I’m looking forward to the inspiration, challenge, and changes that learning more about whole foods cooking may ignite.  And I hope we all start feeling brighter and more energetic, too!

What’s new for you this year?  What changes or challenges are you looking forward to making?

One thought on “Inspired to Start Fresh

  1. I remember when you did the vegan challenge and wondered how that went.

    I’ve made a major dietary change too – for medical reasons I’ve gone dairy free, for at least six months but probably for good. It’s been life changing. I’m focusing even more than usual on cooking from scratch and reading labels where I’m not cooking from scratch. The surprising thing is that the challenge is creative, not difficult. I can’t imagine facing major dietary changes without the love of cooking and creativity in the kitchen!

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