I Fixed It:: Hooray!

This yarn has been in my stast almost a year, and I have been wondering what to knit with it for nearly that entire time. Madelinetosh is known for its rich, tonal colorways, and Tart really lives up to expectations. Deep reds with a black shadow, this yarn is smooth and sproingy, begging to be knit into something deliciously textured.

I had a false start earlier this month when I cast on for Goodale, a project I’d been wanting to make for ages. And it looked good, but I knew this yarn could look great.

In the end, I decided to go with the Hooray Cardigan by Veera Valimaki. The cables, reverse stockinette body, and wide ribbed collar all make me so very happy, and I’m already fantasize about wearing it.  Which should go a long way toward motivating me to finish it up before the warm weather hits.

I’m a little short on yarn, so to help myself along I knit the inside of the turned collar in some leftover yarn of the same weight.  It felt like the ribbing took forever (8 inches!), but now I am finally into the meat of the sweater: the cables and raglan increases. Hooray!

But wait: I forgot to cross a cable…4 rows ago… What do I do?! In a miraclulous moment of mental clarity rarely reached these days, I remembered the Yarn Harlot writing about how to drop down and fix a miscrossed cable.  I decided that I could do it too, and if it didn’t work out, I could always tink the entire 4 rows and be no worse off.  And guess what? It worked. Hooray!

I isolated the 12 stitches to be cabled and dropped them one row at a time until I was at the correct cable-crossing row. Then I worked the cable as I should have the first time around, using the yarn in back (be careful to use the appropriate strand of yarn or you’ll have a mess!).

After finishing the cabling I slipped those stitches back onto my cable needle and knit them with the next strand up of dropped yarn (x2) and finally knit across the rest of the row. A Couple of the stitches are a little distorted, but it worked and I saved so much time. It has me feeling all confident about my knitting.   Maybe on the next cable row I’ll try to cross them without the help of a cable needle…



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