Knitting Update

This is a little something I’ve been working on for our first knit-along at Stash. You can read more about the project here.

I’ve been missing this space a bit lately.  One explanation for my absence is that I have been devoting a good part of my blogging energy toward the Stash blog, Pintrest, and Facebook pages.  Another reason is that I am so very tired.  PB is going through a bit of a sleep challenge right now, fighting going to sleep some nights and waking up around 4:30 every morning. Keeping her up later doesn’t seem to make a difference.  I wouldn’t mind your suggestions; we’re all exhausted and looking for help!

In knitting news….

I’ve had a little bit of the knitting ADD this month, and before finishing this hat I had 5 projects on the needles.  That’s a lot for me, even if one of them is in deep hibernation!  I’m part process knitter and a larger part product knitter, and I had been itching to finish something!  This would have been a quick hat, but the nature of knitting at work is that it only gets attention for small bits of time, a few stitches here and there.

As for my at home knitting, I’m almost to the armhole divide on the Hooray Cardigan despite not having really knit on it in over a week.  The Hitchiker Shawl I started has been coming along steadily, and I am starting to see the end.  All the soothing garter stitch, with something interesting at the beginning of each row, is perfect for end of the day tv watching while on the couch knitting.  The Slable Hat I started in December has moved out of short-term hibernation and back to Stash where it will be my work knitting until it’s finished up.

How about you?  What are you knitting?  Is anything a real slog?  I’d love to finish up my long-languishing sock club socks.  I hear the Doubleknit Twins are doing a finish, frog, or slog-along this year, so I think that might help motivate me to finish up that second sock!

11 thoughts on “Knitting Update

  1. Oh, how I understand the sleep deprivation!!!

    I’d recommend an earlier, not later, bedtime. Sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s often over-tiredness that leads to awakeness (and nap–I’m a big proponent of naps!). We switched to a 7:00 bedtime (not easy when you work!!, but do-able) and it works much better for us. I liked “The No-Cry Sleep Solution,” but don’t think there’s really any such thing as “no-cry.”

    Good luck! Hope you get some good sleep soon!

  2. I want to start a new thing! So I’m going to knit the Leif Slip-Over from IK Winter. Go look at it. so cute. And size 17 needles, so it will be quick or I’ll hurt myself trying. I want to get it all done this weekend…it’s Crafty Moms weekend at the beach!

  3. We’ve tried just about everything – my 14month old has been waking up at 4.30 for the last month. I think it’s just a habit that he’ll grow out of (hopefully so will PB!) – we just go to bed at 8.30. It does mean we get a lot done in the mornings before work…

  4. Hey, Sonia! I heard a new suggestion that was aimed at helping little ones stay in bed, but might also encourage PB to go to bed more willingly and ease her transition from awake to asleep. Play her an audio book — with the catch being if she gets out of bed the story is turned off. She might enjoy picking out stories from the library or book store (or borrow from friends). As for the early morning wake up … no idea. Lur is “not an easy sleeper” as he is fond of saying. I do notice that he has to have A LOT of play/running/mental stimulation during the day in order to sleep well. And then sometimes even that doesn’t work.

    It is coming up on a year since we saw you all … would love to arrange another visit. Once that doesn’t involve all the sickness of last time! Hugs.

  5. Yep, I was going to say the same thing as Lise. Our pediatrician recommended an earlier bedtime. We looked at him like he was insane, but it worked like a charm for both our girls. They still (at 7 and 5) sometimes need a 7:30 bedtime and can sleep 10-12 hours depending on what their body needs. If I keep them up late they tend to wake earlier and are grumpy as can be. Naps always helped too. Keep up the good work and don’t let others try to tell you different. Your little one will guide you and after a week or so you’ll see the results and all will feel better! =)

  6. It’s been awhile since I’ve peered into your life via blog! PB is getting so big!! I’m glad everything is going so well. 🙂

  7. I love the idea of audiobooks, thanks! We’re lucky that she’s always been pretty easy to put to sleep, so this early waking has really thrown us for a loop. Would love to see you all soon–maybe in the PNW?

  8. We have been big believers in the earlier bedtime since the beginning. I remember reading that the more they sleep the better they sleep, and that infants with a 5 or 6pm bedtime could sleep through the night. At 4 months old I put PB to bed at 5:30 and she slept 11 straight hours! She has had an early bedtime ever since!

    That said, this week we’ve been putting her to bed about an hour later than usual, and for the first 4 days she was still getting up super early. One morning I put her back to bed repeatedly for an hour before she fell back asleep. The past 2 mornings she’s slept past 5 which feels so good!

  9. That’s a hand carved double-point needle holder that I got at a fiber fest a few years ago. I’ve seen cardboard versions at big box craft stores, but have never seen one like this since!

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