On Vacation

My knitting mojo is on vacation.

She was here one day, happliy knitting along with me, then she up and walked out the door leaving quite a mess behind her.

I thought we were so happy together, Miss Mojo and I.  We’ve spent countless hours together playing with wool and sticks, making beautiful things.  Naturally, we’ve had our differences.  Like the many times she has urged me to cast on without second thoughts of how all those projects would get finished, or when I’ve had to ignore her a bit in favor of other pursuits. Sadly, this type of mojo misplacement has happened before.

But I miss her.  After all, I’m surrounded by beautiful yarns and interesting patterns all day.  And then some quiet time comes in the evening and I just sit there, hands empty, watching Downton Abbey and falling asleep on the couch.

What do people do with themselves when they don’t knit? I suppose I could spend more time reading.  And for goodness sake, my office is a wreck and the refrigerator could use a scrub…

Let’s not get crazy.  She’ll come back.  She has to come back!

How do you get your knitting mojo back when she takes a hike?

13 thoughts on “On Vacation

  1. I think your mojo is visiting me this week… I’ve been knitting like crazy this week! May I keep it until I finish the sweater I’m working on?

  2. I’m in the same situation, but I’m fairly certain it’s mostly due to the bad cold I have. Possibly also because I’m trying to use up yarn that doesn’t really inspire me.

  3. Catkin, Stripe Study! I do color combination or stripey knitting when my mojo runs away! Maybe she is off visiting a friend in Boston… I hope we find her there!

  4. My mojo left me about a week and a half ago….not sure when it’ll come back but I know forcing it certainly won’t help. I usually end up baking or watching a lot of movies.

  5. My knitting mojo up and left a while back, too, and I also found myself watching Downton Abbey with hands empty. But she seems to have returned for now…maybe sometimes they just need a little break to stretch out and romp in the woods. It was lovely to meet you in person at your shop last weekend, by the way! Thanks for taking the time to chat. I just sewed the sweet little cupcake buttons onto my daughter’s cardigan–she approves (:

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