Vacation Time

We originally thought a grand, warm-weather vacation was in order. Think cruise to Mexico, beach front rental in Southern California. Eventually we scaled back the vision to a more local excursion, traveling north just a few hours to visit Seattle. Neither of us has really explored the city much before, so we were excited. Near constant rain hardly got us down, and we had a wonderful time hanging out as a family and having many small and large adventures together.

Space Train! aka The Monorail

Pike Place Market

It’s amazing what happens when time, responsibility to the outside world take time off.  It’s so much easier to relax into the moment, say yes to the fun, and just go with the flow.  As always, I came home resolving to try to live my life more like vacation all the time!  I probably can’t eat ice cream and get room service everyday, but the reminder to stay present and relaxed is always a good one.

And I got so much travel knitting done in the car and the hotel! One afternoon I even switched back and forth between two projects, a rare and indulgent treat.  Finished objects very soon…


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