FO:: Goodale

I don’t know what happened here, but I excitedly finished and started wearing this little cardigan about 3 weeks ago and promptly forgot to blog about it.  That’s life, for you: sometimes it seems to move so slowly and we’re able to take in every moment, other times it’s Monday and you could swear it was just the weekend.  Wasn’t it, though?

This was a very nice pattern to knit.  I’ve often admired Cecily Glowick MacDonald’s designs, but haven’t been able to get to as many as I would have liked.  Goodale is the perfect project when you want to knit a simple yet interesting small sweater.  For the most part it’s made up of swathes of soothing stockinette, and yet there’s just enough going on with the attached icord edging and increases to keep you paying attention.  There is a fair bit of finishing at the end when you have to fold over and attach pockets, knit an icord closure, and pick up stitches around the neck, but those are the very details that make this top so special.  Well worth it.

Also worth it is this sumptuous yarn from Pigeonroof Studios.  Cashmere.  Silk. Merino.  All good things to knit with, and I swear cashmere blends knit faster than anything else!

Immediately after finishing this, I started stalking other cardigan patterns by CGM (as I lovingly refer to her).  The top contender right now is Tidal, coincidentally also knit in Cassiopeia DK!  I may try making a substitution from my personal stash, but there is also a lovely dusky purple in said yarn just sitting in a cubby at Stash, waiting for a good home…

What patterns/designers are you stalking this week?

7 thoughts on “FO:: Goodale

  1. love it!! you look great too cousin! 😉 oved the socks from last week, forgot to mention it… 🙂

  2. That looks great! Thanks for the link to her page on Ravelry. I’m not crazy about short sleeve sweaters but she has other really nice sweaters there.

  3. i really, really like that! I have some of her stuff queued and have a book with some of her patterns in it – I really like her style. The colour is subtle and pretty and the style looks practical and wearable and yet interesting.

  4. This is so beautiful! I love the pockets. Good call on knitting longer than the pattern called for. I think it is the perfect lenght on you!

  5. This is really cute on you. I’m still afraid of this design on me; I don’t want it to say, “hey look at my belly, which is popping out of this sweater!” Your belly is flatter than my belly…

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