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Behind the scenes at Peaceful House, things have been a bit rough.  Toddlerhood has brought its joys and challenges, the most long-running issue being that of sleep and extremely early morning wakeups.  As in 4-5 am early.  For months.  I’m certain we’ve tried every remedy short of locking PB in her room and going to a hotel for the night (joking, sort of). We just made a You Stayed in Bed Until The Toddler Clock Turned Green Chart*.  Stickers hold great power in this house!

All of this is to say that I can only really handle the most basic of knitting tricks right now.  I’m getting my kicks from fiber content and color combinations rather than complicated charts and fancy stitch patterns.  To that end, I recently finished such a fun shawl!

This was something I cast on as part of our Stash Spring knit-along.  It’s made up of some of the most decadent yarn I’ve knit with: merino and cashmere.  Need I say more?  This was a relatively quick knit, considering I was working on other projects at the same time. Something about that cashmere and stripe sequence just made me want to keep knitting on it all the time. It turned out to be a generous size, which is good for wrapping up chilly shoulders or for bunching up around the next on cold spring mornings.  Either way, it’s nice to have around. I had plenty of yarn leftover, so you will likely be seeing these colors again sometimes.  My stash of leftover sock yarn is beginning to rival my new sock yarn stash!

*We’re starting with a 5:30 am green light and hope to gradually move it to 6am.  Sadly, that would feel like sleeping in at this point!

**No, I didn’t knit my sweater. It’s from The Loft. : )

6 thoughts on “FO:: Dancette

  1. Now you know I read the whole thing. I almost stopped halfway to ask for the pattern for your sweater.
    When my older son was a toddler we had the opposite problem. He wouldn’t go to bed, so we made sure his room was safe and put up a gate. As long as he played quietly and stayed in his room he could turn the light out when he was ready. He worked himself from midnight back to 8:30-9: o’clock. All with no fighting. I was pregnant and had no energy for disputes.

  2. What a lovely blog and beautiful shawl!! When my toddler wakes early she crawls with us into bed and goes back to sleep for another while. But I suppose not everyone likes having their babies in bed with them and sometimes they are just up for the day no matter what.
    I hope your nights will get longer soon again… but remember: this phase will also pass…:-)

  3. LOL – that last line got me, I was so about to ask about that sweater! Love the shawl! Sleepy Time tea, we used to have tea parties on the nights I really needed to study or sleep!!! Oh wait, then she caught on! Best of luck!

  4. Congratulations on the success of the toddler clock! We might have to invest in one of those ourselves…The shawl is beautiful, too! (K

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