Baby Hat/Scrapdown

Recently I’ve turned to my bag of sock yarn leftovers for instant gratification knitting. I tend to have a lot of yarn leftover after knititng a pair of socks or a shawl, and I’ve found it’s enough to make a baby hat. This go-round I didn’t even have to use stripes, which means there was a lot of yarn leftover. You may recognize the hat on the left from these socks and the hat on the right from this shawl.  It was a lot of fun to play with these yarns again in a completely new way.

I improvised both these hats, with no set recipients in mind (though there are a few friends with babies coming soon).  Random yarn, random pattern…it all added up to some seriously relaxing knitting!  And it feels really good to use up those 1/4 skeins of yarn.

How do you like to use your leftover bits of yarn?  Let us know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Baby Hat/Scrapdown

  1. I found a pattern for door wreath and I have been making the leaves. At some point I will have enough leaves for random colored wreaths to give as gifts! I’ll also probably keep one because it reminds me of projects I’ve completed! Love the hats!!

  2. Love these hats! Since I tend to knit short cuffs on all my socks, I always have leftover sock yarn. I have been using mine to crochet little granny squares, which will someday grow up to be a big blanket, 🙂

  3. they are adorable. I’ve been viewing my scraps differently this year – something I haven’t done much of before. Rather than languishing, I’m trying to find uses for them. Little things are perfect for that – and such instant gratification!

  4. I have used my leftovers once for a striped shawl. I had a ton of scrap yarns in similar colors mainly in blues and grays. What I really loved about using my scrap yarns was all the different textures that resulted in the finished shawl, for I used different weights of yarns. What I want to make with my scraps next is stuffed animals.
    I love you wee hats, super cute!

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