FO:: Little Oak

A sweet knit for an even sweeter baby, Little Oak was the perfect project for an autumn baby boy.  I really enjoyed knitting this cardigan, and tried to infuse good thoughts and hopes of restful nights for my friend  and her new baby as I knit each stitch.  This baby will be swathed not only in good vibes, but good yarn, too!  I’m pretty set on the idea that cashmere yarns knit up faster than those without, and so far my theory stands unthwarted.

“Cashmere?!” you gasp.  “For a baby?!”  Yes, for a baby.  But not just any baby.  The baby of a mama whose own mama is a prolific knitter.  This woman knows how to clothe her little ones in the woolens, and I am sure this wee sweater will fare just fine.  And if it doesn’t, that’s okay, too. I had a lot of fun knitting it, and seeing the look on my firend’s face when she unwrapped it was priceless.  I don’t ever even need to see it on the baby.

Okay, that’s a lie.  Maybe just once.

Welcome to the world, bhaiya!

8 thoughts on “FO:: Little Oak

  1. I would love to knit something as lovely as this for my first grand child due next month but she will be a summer baby here in Australia and my daughter in law would wash it in the machine with everything and it would be ruined. Great work

  2. Wow… I came across this post and just had to say how beautiful I think this sweater is. And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks cashmere is a perfect yarn for babies. (For moms in-the-know, as you said.) For those who aren’t, I give them what they want.

    Nice to meet you in the blogosphere!

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