Yarn Along:: Beginnings + Endings

I’ve been reading a new book, the sweeping sequel to The Passage.  It’s complex and moving, even a little sad and scary at times.  It’s epic and will probably take me a bit to get through.  And that’s okay, especially with the help of a before-work-mocha and reading moment from time to time.

My fall sweater is nearly finished!  I am actually ready to start the ribbing on the second cuff and will hopefully be done tonight!  Just in time to jet off to Hawaii for a long weekend with Sweetie to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

Which brings me to the subject of travel knitting.  As you know, a lot of careful thought and planning goes into strategizing vacation knitting projects.  The amount of sedentary travel time directly affects the number and complexity of projects I take.

This time I am excited to unearth some single skeins from deep stash and will be attempting a small project on each flight to and fro.  I’m thinking this and this.  And I might also throw in a sock-in-progress for good measure.  I only took one project with me to New York and I finished it on the flight over!  Better to overpack, I say.

What’s on your nightstand and in your project basket this week?

Thanks to Ginny for the Yarn Along inspiration!

11 thoughts on “Yarn Along:: Beginnings + Endings

  1. Happy anniversary! 10 years is a lovely milestone.

    I looked at your proposed travel projects. You definitely need more! Two small projects won’t carry you through. I like one skein shawlettes because there’s a lot of yardage but a skein’s worth of fingering weight doesn’t take much room. I have a new design coming out that is a result of our September anniversary trip to Europe. One skein shawlette!

  2. Happy anniversary 🙂

    And so glad to know that it’s okay to take knitting on the plane again (I haven’t flown for almost a couple of years and last time I asked they wouldn’t let me take knitting on the flight!).

  3. happy anniversary! such a beautiful rocky coast. i love to plan my travel knits as much as the trip, and yes, better to over bring! although nyc has some of the best yarn shops!

  4. I just finished reading about your adventure during Sandy—WOW ! Glad you found a friend during the storm and all is safe. I too love to plane my travel knits and love to complete them on the trip.

  5. Hello Sonia!! How are you? It’s been too long. 🙂 I’ve kept up reading your blog but haven’t done so well in the communicating part. Did you ever finish writing the pattern for Hush? I still have Malabrigo yarn just waiting to be cast on. How’s PB? Hope all is well and glad you made it home safely.

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