Yarn Along:: Pros + Pecuiliars

After a month-long hiatus from blogging, I think it best to just jump back in with a new edition of Yarn Along! So here we go with what I’ve been knititng and reading this week:


Out of long-term hibernation, my Hooray Cardigan has been enjoying a lot of attention.  This is definitely one of those projects that was cast aside after a few minor frustrations, and left to linger for months.  I started it last January, and it’s time to wear it already!  That yarn, those cables, oh it’s going to be a delicious handknit.  My goal is to work semi-monogomaously on this for the rest of the month and see how far I get.  I’m already about 6 inches into the body, so a finished sweater no longer seems so out of reach!

I’ve been reading a lot this month as well.  After finishing up The Twelve (over 500 pages!), I decided to set my sights on some smaller tomes.  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a haunting and tense novel so compelling I have been reading it late into the night.  Fiction mixed with bizarre vintage photography mixes well to create a special world quite unlike the everyday we know.  I hear Tim Burton is directing the movie version of the book, so if you like to read the book first, hurry and do it!

I’m also often reading books to inspire myself as an entrepreneur, and this is my latest favorite.  Turning Pro is Steven Pressfield’s follow-up to The War of Art, and is perfectly timed for me.  My theme for 2013 is Going Pro. This is a great book if you are an artist, a creative or a person who is challenged to move forward into the life you dream of.  It’s also helpful for people who have taken steps toward living their dream but need help showing up in a non-amateur way.  For me this means to stop procrastinating, make decisions, and play like I’m already in the big leagues.  It’s a quick read, and one I’ll be looking toward for continued inspiration.

What’s on your nightstand and in your project basket this week?

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  1. I hadn’t heard they were making a movie out of Miss Peregrine’s Home. Tim Burton seems like a good choice.

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