PB Turns Three

Remember this?  It seems like ages ago.


More like 3 years.  I know it seems like a bit of a cliche to say this, but honestly? Where does the time go?!  When PB was a baby, someone wisely told me that the days go by slowly but the years pass quickly.  That felt very true then (oh, how slowly some days would go in the beginning), but resonates especially well now.  She’s been in our family for three whole years now!  


At this age she is a total jabber-box!  Nearly nonstop stories, questions, jokes, and conversations with her toys.  She loves to “get fancy” and dance ballet, pretend to be chased by alligators or hot lava, and will eat an adult-size serving of ice cream anytime, anywhere.  Parenthood is both easier and more difficult that it has ever been.  I suspect that will always be the case.  For now, I am focusing on staying in the moment and taking in every bit of her vivacious presence.



Mini Water’s Edge Cardigan by Hannah Fettig

I knit her a birthday sweater, of course.  I did the same when she turned one and two.  This was the first year PB was able to collaborate with me on the project.  When asked what color sweater she wanted, she suggested purple and even helped choose the button.  Before you get too misty-eyed, know that by helped I mean she wreaked havoc on my button collection while I kept pushing my pre-selected button faves in her direction.  In the end, she honestly did pick this matching ceramic button, much to my delight.

Happy birthday, my darling!



6 thoughts on “PB Turns Three

  1. Oh, that baby face. My baby is only 8.5 months (and we’re still tracking his age in months), but I’m already sad at how much he’s grown up. I got the same advice in a card, and yes, there have been some long days (and nights). But the months have gone so quickly. PB is lovely. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday to your darling little girl! My wee one is only 6 months. It will be really exciting when she can help pick things out, but I want to slooooooooow down this time! She grows so fast!

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