Phoebe Mouse Love



Imagine my delight when my 3 year old daughter asked me to knit her this doll, then proceeded to help me choose all the yarn! It was a sweet collaboration, one filled with PB’s questions about knitting, color input, and urging me to work on Phoebe just a little more often.

Is my Phoebe Mouse done yet? she would say.  Then I would pick up the knitting and work on the mouse a little bit while she watched.  Sometimes she would even sit on my lap and put her small hands over mine as I moved the needles to knit a few stitches.  She wouldn’t stay long, but it was always enjoyable.

I finished Phoebe in time for Valentine’s Day, and PB was thrilled to discover her that morning.  There was just one problem: she only had a nose!  It was another day or two before I sat down to work on her face; embroidery is not something I’ve spent much time on, but I think her face turned out sweet.  

Now there’s just the matter of her impending wardrobe, about which I also have lots of helpful suggestions. For now, Phoebe is just fine playing “nudey.”


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