Off the Needles :: Scraps

It feels really, really satisfying to knit a project and use up almost all of the yarn.  It’s as if it were meant to be, as if the yarn and the pattern were a perfect match.

Occasionally, however, you overestimate the yardage you’ll need for a project, only use a few yards of that extra skein, or inherit someone’s leftovers.  What is to become of all those partial balls of seemingly unwanted leftover yarn?

I usually toss all my partial balls into a bin inside my stash cupboard and let them marinate until a use becomes apparent.  I don’t really worry too much about them. Perfect for stripes, toys, crafts, gift wrap, and baby hats, I know my leftovers will get used up eventually.

First, I knit this:


Earth & Sky

And used the leftovers for this:

Scrappy Sockhead Hat

Scrappy Sockhead Hat

And then I knit this:


Tidal Cardigan

And used some of the leftovers for this:


Little Scallops

Isn’t this a fun game?!  How do you handle your leftover bits of yarn?

You can see details of all of these projects over on my Ravelry page.

5 thoughts on “Off the Needles :: Scraps

  1. I recently finished my first pair of socks, and am excited that I have a 10g ball of leftover sock yarn! Can’t wait to have more so I can make something scrappy with them. Of course, I have lots of leftover yarn in heavier weights, but I’m ignoring them for now 😉

  2. Love the way you used up the bits! Very cute. I am in the process of making an enormous granny square blanket from all of my collected leftovers. It will be a monstrosity! :]

  3. My scraps go into a giant bag that I haul out once in a while and sort through. I’ll knit 5 or 6 things, usually kid hats, from different combinations of the same weight and then put the bag away until some scrappy inspiration strikes.

  4. Totally inspiring. I hoard until I find something that works, and that I want to work on. It’s been mainly cowls and handwarmers. Thanks for sharing!

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