Time away from home, on adventures big and small, is an essential part of what brings me happiness.  This may be a bit ironic since I  consider myself a homebody.  And yet I regularly need a break from our routine, a breath of fresh air, and new sights to help clear my head, bring my priorities back into focus, and jumpstart new daydreams.

And that’s just what our most recent trip to Florida did for me. At first, it was all about playing in the sun and spending time together. As our trip stretched on and we really settled in to the un-rhythym of family life on the road, it hit me.  So many of the things that stress me out, cause me worry or upset, don’t matter. They just don’t!  Sure, this is easy to feel while on vacation, that’s half the point of getting away!  But I am feeling this acutely right now, and want to hold on to it for as long as possible.

My other vacation revelation has to do with work.  Life goes on all around us, whether we’re there or not. Both of our jobs were moving along smoothly without us. This took some careful pre-plannig, but we were able to leave and not look back (for the most part) for 10 days.  It’s not necessary to check email after hours, work on the weekends, or be preoccupied with work while at home.  I can’t help but wonder what we can both do on a weekly basis to maintain this feeling and separation.

And during those 10 days, we had nothing but each other, and that truly is all that matters. I fell more in love with my wife, our family, and our life on this trip. And that makes me insanely happy!  And being happy means I have more energy for friends, work and family, hopefully without too much fretting over the small stuff.

So even though I woke up at 3 am and feel bone tired this morning thanks to a 3 hour time difference, I am so grateful.  Grateful for the time and the ability to take off into the sunshine for 10 days. Grateful for an adventurous family that helps push me outside my comfort zone. Grateful for the uninhibited, playful excitement of my 4 year old.  And yes, grateful for the warmth of the sun and a brief reprieve from the cold, wet, grayness of our winter.

3 thoughts on “Sundrenched

  1. So glad you were able to get away and thanks for sharing the lovely photos. The beach, the water, the sun were the perfect pick me up on a dreary and snow filled day. Congrats on being able to reconnect and reevaluate together as a family.

  2. Beautiful … Life is about living in the moment! Every facet of our life as it’s own season and time as we are living for the now!

  3. Ten days of sunshine and beach sound so lovely! It is amazing how great it feels to get away — to be somewhere different and to be away from work! I love hearing about happy families!

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