Yarn Along: I’m Baaack!

Well hello again, friends!  It’s good to be back.  So sorry to disappear on you like that, without any notice or explanation.  All I can say by way of excuse is that I was going through a hard time personally, felt stuck creatively, and couldn’t muster up the motivation to try to force it.

But that’s over now.

I’m going to ease back into the blogging with one of my favorite weekly traditions, Ginny’s Yarn Along.  During my hiatus, I thought about Yarn Along nearly every week.  And I read some of the other posts, and always gleaned a few new ideas for things to knit and books to read.  I’m almost always doing both, so this is the perfect platform for a little sharing.


My blogging friend Katie Gibson is a formidable reader, moving along at an enviable pace. She posts regular updates and reviews on what she’s been reading, and I’ve often taken her lists along to the bookstore or library.  You can see her 2014 book list here.

She recently recommended a book by Jojo Moyes.  After looking through all of her titles, I decided to start with Me Before You.  When I picked it up at the library, I was a bit embarrassed to see that it had a romance sticker on the spine.  Not my typical genre, but I do enjoy a good love story.  So far, it’s not romancey in the heaving bosom sort of way at all.  It didn’t take long to get hooked, and now I can’t wait to read her other books!  Don’t you love it when that happens?

There have been a lot of baby knits on the needles the past couple of months.  Not only am I pregnant (yay!  more on that another time), but so are a couple of my friends.  After a first trimester with my head stuck in the toilet and zero knitting mojo, it’s a relief to be back with my wool and needles.  Here are two finished Puerperium cardigans awaiting buttons.  Both are knit in Madelinetosh, one in DK the other in Vintage for two different sizes.  This is a  fun, free pattern that takes just one skein of DK weight yarn. Win!

It’s good to be back, friends.  Thanks for stopping by!

13 thoughts on “Yarn Along: I’m Baaack!

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I’ve recently finished two of these cardigans and I think the pattern is my new go-to baby pattern. I love the colours you’ve chosen.

  2. Welcome back! Yes, Me Before You is addictive. (I am not a fan of “romance novels” either – I’d call this one mainstream fiction.) Curious to see what you think when you’re done!

  3. Glad to have you back and congratulations on your pregnancy! I have yet to knit the puerperium pattern, although it is on my list of things to knit next!

  4. Congrats on your pregnancy – and the first 3 months are so so hard – although now that I am at 7 months, I am finding it hard again. Why has the glowing period gone? Love the sweaters – the colours are really beautiful.

  5. That is my favorite baby cardi to knit! It has become my go-to baby shower gift. Yours look so great. I love the colors you picked.

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