Sorting the baby knits




We were very fortunate to receive a bundle of handmade items for G when she was a baby. Hand-knit sweaters and booties; quilts and crochet blankets; hand-sewn gowns, jammies, and dresses; handmade toys.  Add to that this pile of things I knit while pregnant, and we had a lot of things made with love for our baby. It was a warm reception for a much-anticipated child, and we treasured each piece.  And, 5 years later, I still have them all.

I’ve been sorting through these and other baby items, remembering those sweet and sleepy early days.  I remember bringing her home in that yellow hat. I remember G fitting into this teensy newborn sweater. I remember her curled up in that blanket.   Precious memories, to be sure.

Now that we know we’re having a boy, I’m faced with the somewhat difficult task of sorting through the so-called gender appropriate clothing and making choices. Choices about what to use again, what to save, and what to pass along to another family.  The hand-knits and clothing sewn by Nana are particularly hard to make decisions around!

What do you do with these special things after your babes have outgrown them?


Sometimes I can hardly believe these big kid feet fit into those wee booties. Sniff sniff.

4 thoughts on “Sorting the baby knits

  1. Hard decisions, yes! Back in 1974 when I had my first baby, we didn’t know till he was born which gender he was. I had collected both boy and girl things. I put the girly things away. Second time round, the same, another boy and third time? Yes you’ve guessed it, another boy. Eventually, three years after that, in 1983′ I decided to part with the girly clothes at last. Very sad decision. I kept the boys clothes, just in case. Finally I gave them away. Hated doing that. Then in 2009 I heard I was going to be a grandma. Out came the knitting needles. I knitted both boys and girls things. By now I could knit boys things without a pattern.
    The grandson came along in October 2010′ followed by another grandson in 2013! And another grandson is due in February 2015.Perhaps I will stick to boys clothes for the time being.😳
    I wish you well in your pregnancy. Your little girl is lovely. I’m sure the boy will be too.

  2. I’ve been making my niece, Peyton, a sweater for every year she’s been on this earth. As she’s outgrown them, I’ve told my sister that she can pass them along if she wants.

    She was adamant that she put them away for Peyton for when she has children someday.

  3. I saved my very favorites for someday grandchildren. A Debbie Bliss Aran cardigan, my first stranded colorwork ever pullover, some mittens I designed for Bugs Bunny buttons (before I knew how to knit on dpns, so they were seamed. 8 pairs, for birthday present goodie bags). Everything else? Passed along. They’re just things, knit with love, and we can make more!

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