Sick & Happy







The past week has been a relatively slow, quiet one for our family.  We celebrated Christmas week with friends and family, and by the time the big day rolled around it was just us.  This was pure bliss as I have been craving lots of time just the three of us.  We played, stayed in our pajamas all day, cooked, ate, watched movies, knit and crafted, baked, took walks, and read books.

And then we all got sick.

It figures that as soon as we slow down and catch up, our bodies respond by giving in to whatever they’ve been fighting off.  I’m trying to appreciate the timing; it could be worse and we could all be sick right after baby is born.  But it also kind of sucks that we’re home together and feeling whiny, grouchy, congested, and low-energy.


I have to hand it to my family, though.  We’re pretty good at working through these low moments and finding a way to shake it off.

We wish you and yours a peaceful, fun ending to the year and all that you dream of in 2015.  See you next year!