Birthday Dress Snubbed, Mama Okay





The birthday dress was finished two full days before the big day!  It was a fun project to design with The Geeg, and a delicious yarn to knit with.

She tried it on once and took it off again immediately.

I’m really not surprised that she doesn’t want to wear this right now.  The same thing happened last year, despite involving her in the selection process.  It’s okay.

As strange as this may sound, I don’t knit these birthday gifts so that she’ll wear them.  I knit them for her as a way to show my love.

It’s a time I spend thinking about her, the past year, and all the adventures she has ahead of her in life.  Sure, I knit other things for her when she asks and really enjoy that. But the annual birthday sweater is a constant and a great exercise in intention and thoughtfulness for me.

It’s hanging in her closet now, alongside her other dresses.  I hope that one day she surprises me by coming out of her room with it on.  Until then, I’m happy I made it and am content to wait.

Yarn: superwash DK by Yarn Ink in Frozen  Pattern: Oriental Lily by Georgie Hallam

Ravelry notes here.  More details on the project in this post.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Dress Snubbed, Mama Okay

  1. This sounds so familiar… I sew dresses and skirts for my daughter, things I think she’ll love, things with the fabric she loved so… They often sit in the drawer unworn. But she refuses to let go of them, even after they are done fitting her. It is bitter sweet…

  2. Sonia, I love you. You made me tear up reading this. That’s why I knit birthday socks for my family… It’s an expression of my love. You’re wonderful, and your sweet family is wonderful and so blessed. 🙂

  3. My youngest daughter does the same thing with her knits. I like your perspective on it. I hope she does come out of her room wearing it one day!

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