On Knitting the Wrong Size.

DSC_0462 DSC_0463 DSC_0466 DSC_0468 I’m disappointed with Togue Pond.

Actually, I’m disappointed with myself.

Don’t get me wrong: this is a fantastic pattern.  The yarn is lovely, and I enjoyed knitting it.  But it was the wrong pattern choice for my body right now.

The thing is, I’m just 4 months postpartum, and my body is not the shape it used to be.  And after years of knitting sweaters and tops for one size, I just automatically knit that size.  I knew that some things are a little bigger right now (hello, double D’s), but I nonchalantly figured it would all come out in the wash, so to speak.  Linen is supposed to be drapey and grow, right?!

Well, it is, and it does, but not enough.

I’m fighting the urge to rip this out and re-knit the yarn into a more flattering piece.  I won’t though, because I know that things are still changing.  I need to be gentle and patient with myself.  This extends beyond my knits into my regular wardrobe.  Precious few things fit well, and the rest are too big or too small.  Chances are, if I am patient, this top will fit me soon.  And that will be just fine.

In the meantime, I’m going to spend my time knitting socks and shawls and things that don’t need to fit my torso!  I will also think about knitting things with positive ease and a flattering silhouette for my more shapely shape.  And I will definitely take my new measurements before picking a size!

Has this ever happened to you?  How did you tackle dressing a changing shape post-baby?

Pattern: Togue Pond by Pam Allen  Yarn: Quince & Co Kestrel in Porpoise {Ravelry notes here}

8 thoughts on “On Knitting the Wrong Size.

  1. I only knit myself a top once while PG, and it was also linen. My tip would be if you want to knit tops to make them loose cardigans. They work well then for pre, post, and nursing! I still wear my linen cardigan and my littlest is almost three, but it was still great while I was returning to my new self. It’s beautiful. I say tuck it away for future use!

  2. Togue Pond is gorgeous — sorry the fit isn’t right. It’s so hard to figure out what size to make when babies are in the picture. I’ve had quite good luck with cardigans, though. They are very forgiving, esp. in the front, which is where everything seems to change for me. Maybe stick to those, along with accessories, for a while?

  3. Oh most definitely. I went back to work 8 weeks post partum and none of my pants fit. I took a deep breath and bought a couple of pairs in a size up to get me through until I can settle back into my old size or something in between. It was a necessary evil that made me much more comfortable

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