How to Gain Clarity & Move Toward Your Dreams

I’d love to sell my knitting.

I’ve always wanted to write a book.

I have this crazy idea to start a farm and make goat cheese.

But …

I’m not good enough, don’t know enough, don’t have time right now.

I have kids, a job, a mortgage . . .

Who am I to sell my stuff, tell my story, follow a dream?

So often we talk ourselves out of our dreams. We talk over and ignore them. We brush them off as silly or impractical. We delay them for some nebulous time in the future when we have more time or more money or better skills or more confidence.

I’m tired of putting dreams on hold. Secretly, most people are, but they don’t know what to do about it.

Gain Clarity and Move Toward Your Dreams

The first step in moving toward your dreams is acknowledging them. The second step is taking action.

Find your dreams.

Try meditating or taking a walk (no phone) to clear your head. Then sit down with a journal and write for 5 minutes to the prompt I want or I dream about. Write down whatever comes to your head. Don’t judge or try to figure out practicalities.

Look at what you wrote. What truths do you find there that you expected? What did you write that surprised you?

What are you going to do about it?

Take one small step.

What is one thing you can do right now to move toward that dream? Schedule time to paint once a week, no matter what. Sign up for that writing class you’ve been dithering about. Email a friend who sells her handiwork to see if you can ask her some questions. Talk to your partner or somebody supportive about this dream and brainstorm what you could do.

Get support.

Going for your dreams can be scary—and exhilarating. It’s easy to fall back into old habits of shutting down the dream, throwing up your own roadblocks, or getting stuck in indecision.

A coach can help you see next step, call you on your bullshit, work with you on mindset issues. You still have to commit. You still have to do the work, but you’ve got somebody to hold you accountable, cheer you on, and give you fresh perspective.

I had a crazy dream to want to help other people realize their creative dreams. I thought about working toward it, but then I decided to dive in. Live boldly. I can help you move toward your creative dream.

So what is your crazy dream? The one you feel silly talking about or hide in your heart because you’re afraid others will think it’s silly and it’s really important to you. Even if you don’t talk about it.

What dream have you been ignoring or telling yourself you couldn’t really do that?

What if you could?

Find your dream. Act boldly. Live your dream.

I’d love to help. Click the link below to learn how we can work together.

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