Some Thoughts on Reading

One of the ways I've committed to practicing self-care is by making time to read. me, reading is a way to connect to myself and to humanity at large. I read to reaffirm what I already know, to discover new ways of understanding the world, to challenge my beliefs and privilege, to have adventures beyond the scope of my reality, to connect with the stories of other humans, to be entertained, to escape, and sometimes just to have fun.

A Room of My Own: Why Creative Space Matters

Creating this space was important both for my actual creative process but also in owning the importance of my work.  Having a physical space brings my ambitions out of my head and into the real world. Ultimately, this area represents the creative potential in all of us, from little hands to big hands.

How to Gain Clarity and Move Toward Your Dreams

Do any of these phrases sound familiar? I’d love to try to publish my knitting designs.  I’ve always wanted to write a book. I dream of moving to the beach/mountains/city and living a new life. But … I’m not good enough, don’t know enough, don’t have time right now. I have kids, a job, a … Continue reading How to Gain Clarity and Move Toward Your Dreams

Summer Bummer : Living Without All the Answers

“Are you having a good summer?” she asked with a hopeful smile. I took a deep breath and felt just how tired I felt in my body. I could see that she too was tired. A fellow mom and entrepreneur, she knows what it’s like to be juggling a very full life. And so I … Continue reading Summer Bummer : Living Without All the Answers