These Special Moments

This holiday season we have had the enjoyable opportunity to spend a lot of time with my mom (aka The Granny Nanny).  She is in town for an extended stay, and it has been wonderful seeing she and PB getting to know each other in a whole new way.  Living apart from family often means [...]



This guy really knows how to settle in and enjoy a quiet moment. It's been a little quiet around here this week again, hasn't it?  By now you probably figured I'd either left town or been struck down by an over-full moving box, unable to get up, call for help or (perhaps worst of all) [...]

Kitty Nest

I heard the crinkling of paper and then a suspicious silence.  Later, I went up to my craft room to fetch a pattern book and noticed that a bag of recently acquired wool had tipped over.  Darn cat, I thought.  When I went to pick up the bag, I noticed that it was suspiciously heavy. [...]