Summer Bummer : Living Without All the Answers

“Are you having a good summer?” she asked with a hopeful smile. I took a deep breath and felt just how tired I felt in my body. I could see that she too was tired. A fellow mom and entrepreneur, she knows what it’s like to be juggling a very full life. And so I [...]


On Taking a Social Media Sabbatical

Toward the end of 2015, I was feeling a little on edge.  My mind was unsettled, anxious even. It felt like there were so many things pulling at my attention; from the important to the mundane to the downright egocentric. Fear of missing out and comparing myself to others are two strong feelings that come [...]

Birthday Dress Snubbed, Mama Okay

The birthday dress was finished two full days before the big day!  It was a fun project to design with The Geeg, and a delicious yarn to knit with. She tried it on once and took it off again immediately. I'm really not surprised that she doesn't want to wear this right now.  The same thing [...]