A New Baby Gift

There's something about knitting for babies.  They embody the very idea of potential, an idea I closely associate with yarn and knitting.  So when I choose a project for a baby, I take great care in selecting materials that suit the family, a color that matches the mood of the season, and a design that's … Continue reading A New Baby Gift



I knew that although PB won the initial battle, I would ultimately win the wear-this-sweater war. Granted, I snuck it on while she was busy at playing, but she did leave it on all day.  It's a perfect fit, and I am back to thinking about making her another sweater this winter.  Cinnamon, Tea Leaves, … Continue reading Success!

Cowgirl, Butterfly, or Astronaut?

As my little daughter grows, changes, and begins to assert more and more personality I find myself thinking a lot about who she will become.  There are so many interesting things happening in her development; I have to wonder how much of who she is right now will remain as she grows older. How much … Continue reading Cowgirl, Butterfly, or Astronaut?


In addition to working and playing in the garden, I've also been lounging around in the garden.  In newly finished wool socks! Okay, so I couldn't leave these socks on my feet very long in the July heat, but it felt nice while it lasted!  And aren't the colors perfectly cheerful?  That's probably what led … Continue reading Finished!

Words to Live By

"If you're cold, put on a sweater." ~ Brenda Dayne As a knitter and perpetually chilly person, these are words I live by. Who knew that the same slogan would hold true for our tech devices? Okay, so maybe your phone or iPod isn't cold, but it might need an extra layer of protection. My … Continue reading Words to Live By

Second Time Around

After a rather disappointing first attempt at this pattern, I have achieved success!  This is another knit for sweet baby M, in the same color palette as the first.  Her mama and I both love purple, so it's an easy choice. The second time around was faster and more successful because of the first fail. … Continue reading Second Time Around


When working within the confines of one's stash, certain accommodations are often made. Material choices are limited and quantities are fixed. This can make the search for the perfect pattern and yarn combination all the more thrilling and challenging. I thought I had lit upon another good pairing with the Little Sister's Dress and my … Continue reading Conundrums.