The Great Green Giveaway Winner

Sweetie asked me this morning about this contest, and I realized I never shard the results with you. So sorry! Thank you to everyone who entered.  I truly enjoyed reading all of your thoughts about the green things you love; there were a lot of descriptions of newly sprouted spring flowers, bright green leaves, and avocados. … Continue reading The Great Green Giveaway Winner

The Great Green Giveaway

Thank you for all the positive feedback on the Climbing Vines Pullover!  I think overall it was a successful knit, due in large part to the gorgeous yarn it was knit in.  To me, the vibrant, verdant greens in the Happy Forest colorway speak of spring and all the new growth that it brings.  Those … Continue reading The Great Green Giveaway

Peaceful Knitter Almanac

I can hardly believe it's already been three years since I started this blog.  That's three years of knitting, writing about knitting, photographing my knitting, attending knitting-related events, meeting fellow knitters, and buying yarn for more knitting.  Wow. This is more than a hobby or craft to me.  In a very real sense, this blog … Continue reading Peaceful Knitter Almanac

Culling the Herd

This move to Oregon is going to be a very good thing.  Once we're actually there.  Until then, I am struggling to stay positive amid the stress of keeping our home in show condition for a sale, packing, and purging, all while trying to maintain a family routine and have a fun summer.  Whew!  I'm … Continue reading Culling the Herd