A Room of My Own: Why Creative Space Matters

Creating this space was important both for my actual creative process but also in owning the importance of my work.  Having a physical space brings my ambitions out of my head and into the real world. Ultimately, this area represents the creative potential in all of us, from little hands to big hands.

The Book Nook

Over the past couple of weeks I've been inspired to cut out some of the toy clutter in our home, fine tuning some play areas for Peaceful Baby (Toddler!).  There's the kitchen play area, a box of musical instruments, baby care, and a small table for coloring and puzzles.  The most magical transformation, however, has … Continue reading The Book Nook

Spring Pillow Makeover

I've only followed one or two sewing patterns before, instead leaning toward the experimental approach I like to call intuitive sewing.  This has yielded mixed results, as you may have guessed.  One night, a few weeks back, I excitedly hauled out my sewing machine, set it up at the kitchen table, and tried to make … Continue reading Spring Pillow Makeover

Home Sewn

One of my favorite pit stops on the journey to Home is decorating.  I love rearranging furniture, hanging artwork, creating soft goods, and moving accessories in and out of a room until everything feels right.  Finishing a room is an intangible moment, and only I know when it has arrived; and really, it's never finished, … Continue reading Home Sewn

Finished Object Report

Let me just tell you right off the bat that there will be little (if any) knitting content in this post.  Instead, I am taking some time today to write about a couple of other creative projects that have been works in progress around my house for months.  And they are finally finished! When we … Continue reading Finished Object Report

Similarities and Differences

Part One: Similarities How does this sound for a hot date: scraping wallpaper, installing new faucets, and eating pizza on the floor of an empty house. Yes, ladies & gents, that is what is in store for me tonight. Of course, as a homeowner, all of this has a certain level of excitement to it, … Continue reading Similarities and Differences