Take a Moment

Peaceful Baby is all about stopping to smell the flowers these days.  All flowers get equal attention and admiration, from the lowly dandelion to the newly opened tulips.  The grape hyacinths in our yard seem to be her favorite for picking.  Her enthusiasm for every little thing that is new to her has me looking … Continue reading Take a Moment


Winter Green

I knew that moving to Western Oregon meant we would get to enjoy a milder winter this year.  And while I have occasionally missed the sparkly, insulated quiet of a thick snow, I'm mostly happy to not have to wear 10 layers of clothing to go outside.  Yesterday the weather was sunny and a comfortable … Continue reading Winter Green

How My Garden Grows

I love playing in the dirt.  Digging holes, planting seeds, pulling weeds, it's all fun to me.  We bought a new house last spring, and I had a great time planting things in our yard and side garden.  I learned a couple of hard lessons about the harshness of full sun exposure, but I think … Continue reading How My Garden Grows