On Knitting the Wrong Size.

I'm disappointed with Togue Pond. Actually, I'm disappointed with myself. Don't get me wrong: this is a fantastic pattern.  The yarn is lovely, and I enjoyed knitting it.  But it was the wrong pattern choice for my body right now. The thing is, I'm just 4 months postpartum, and my body is not the shape … Continue reading On Knitting the Wrong Size.

Second Time Around

After a rather disappointing first attempt at this pattern, I have achieved success!  This is another knit for sweet baby M, in the same color palette as the first.  Her mama and I both love purple, so it's an easy choice. The second time around was faster and more successful because of the first fail. … Continue reading Second Time Around


When working within the confines of one's stash, certain accommodations are often made. Material choices are limited and quantities are fixed. This can make the search for the perfect pattern and yarn combination all the more thrilling and challenging. I thought I had lit upon another good pairing with the Little Sister's Dress and my … Continue reading Conundrums.

FO: Green Tea

After knitting through a few sizing hiccups, making modifications, and pushing through all that delicious stockinette, I'm pleased with this tee!  This was a learning experience as usual, and while I like the finished piece, there is room for improvement next time. Pattern: Rayonnant Pullover by Romi Hill, Winter/Spring 2011 Knitscene (Ravelled here) Yarn: Rowan Belle … Continue reading FO: Green Tea

Ye Wee Owlet

What's cuter than a baby in a hand-knit sweater? A toddler in a hand-knit sweater with owl cables and zesty button eyes petting a kitty, that's what! I finished this project a couple of weeks ago, but it got lost in the shuffle and I am just now getting around to sharing it.  Sorry to … Continue reading Ye Wee Owlet

The Dish on Petrie

Although I finished the knitting of this top a while ago, I just got around to sewing up the seams and doing the other finishing touches last week.  There was no reason to procrastinate: the seaming was quite fast!  All in all, I think it turned out great, and I'm sorry I didn't finish it … Continue reading The Dish on Petrie

Project Epilogue

Last night I finished two projects that I was still excited about, but whose duration was beginning to make me feel a little anxious. My Petrie top, a cute summer tank, and The Passage, a less cute, more suspenseful novel by Justin Cronin.  I finished the book relatively quickly considering it has over 700 pages … Continue reading Project Epilogue