Surprise Knits

Our trusty mail carrier, Mark, has worn a path to the front door the past couple of weeks, delivering delightful gifts for Peaceful Baby.  Among them have been some generous handmade surprises. From Knitting Siamese: read her original post here. From Princess Pea: tiny shoes & bonnet From a family friend: crochet alphabet blanket.  Just look … Continue reading Surprise Knits

Fuzzy Feet

Christmas Eve I woke up with the inspiration to get started on a pair of booties for Peaceful Baby.  The entire time I've been pregnant I have wanted to knit some booties out of a turquoise Angora yarn from the stash.  For some reason I hadn't gotten around to it yet, and in my desire … Continue reading Fuzzy Feet

Day 12

My baby-knitting frenzy produced a pair of booties this weekend.  I had some yarn leftover from a baby hat, and thought to myself: of course this babe needs matching booties!  Granted, s/he may not be able to wear them at the same time depending on actual head and foot size, but it's the thought that … Continue reading Day 12

Slow and Steady

As it happens, avoiding knitting the Coraline sweater has been good for my productivity! This weekend I cast-on and finished one small project, and rescued a long-languishing work in progress from the pile and finished it too. To be fair, I did take Coraline along to a cookout where she got to be with other … Continue reading Slow and Steady

Twee Bootees

I recently whipped up these wee & twee bootees out of leftover sock yarn.  I had two little balls left over from my Spring Forward socks, and figured it would take the whole lot to make these little bootees.  Not true.  I only used up one ball!  Great way to use up tiny bits of … Continue reading Twee Bootees