Yarn Along :: Kid Reads

I'm still working away faithfully on my blue Cassis cardigan.  I'm pleased to say that I am now on the second sleeve so, with a couple more good knitting sessions, it should be off the needles this week! That sweater is big and heavy now, so I cast on a little pixie cap for a … Continue reading Yarn Along :: Kid Reads

More Baby FOs

After going hiking and on a few late fall walks with Peaceful baby, we were starting to notice something.  Her body and head were bundled in multiple layers of fleece and wool, and yet her wee hands were bare.  Sure, her coat sleeves covered them part of the time, but by the end of an … Continue reading More Baby FOs

A Mind (and Hat) of Her Own

Peaceful Baby has always been so good about wearing her mama-knit hats.  She patiently sat still while I tugged some wool onto her head and fussed with its positioning before heading outside to play or go for a stroll.  Those days are changing, however.  Sometimes a hat stays on and she hardly seems to notice, … Continue reading A Mind (and Hat) of Her Own

Tubey, Tasseled

Pattern: Tubey by Woolly Wormhead from Wee Woolly Toppers (Ravelled here) Yarn: Jamie Harmon Merino/Angora 2 ply, about 115 yards Needles: US size 7/4.5 mm Mods: Cast on with a contrast color.  I turned the hat inside out to do a 3-needle bind off.  When I turned it back, there was a cleave where the … Continue reading Tubey, Tasseled

The Gift of Handmade

It has been a little overwhelming around here, what with all the baby gifts that keep showing up on our doorstep.  A very high percentage of them have been handmade; knit, crochet, or sewn, people's talent is astounding.  I am impressed and inspired by the time and thought that has gone into each item. The … Continue reading The Gift of Handmade