Off the Needles :: Scraps

It feels really, really satisfying to knit a project and use up almost all of the yarn.  It's as if it were meant to be, as if the yarn and the pattern were a perfect match. Occasionally, however, you overestimate the yardage you'll need for a project, only use a few yards of that extra … Continue reading Off the Needles :: Scraps

Day 21

I am still in a baby-knitting, baby-making phase, wildly casting on new projects for little heads, feet, hands and bodies.  As a knitter I have this fantastic skill that must be put to use when trying to keep my babe warm this winter, don't you think?  And because I have access to all this soft … Continue reading Day 21


I finished these adorable hats just before heading off to Tennessee.  Which was a good thing as they are for my friend Hekiknits in Australia who is expecting the arrival of her twins any day now.  Talk about waiting until the last minute!  My goal was to get them to her before the babies were … Continue reading Props