Look Who’s Here!

We welcomed Calvin Cedar into our family on February 6th, 2015.  The build up to his birth was long and somewhat stressful, but once he decided he was ready things went quickly. Calvin was born at home in what was one of the most beautiful, empowering experiences of my life.  Our midwives are my new … Continue reading Look Who’s Here!

One More Sweater

There's something about knitting for babies.  The small scale, the sweet details, the softest of the soft yarn.  And the hope.  The dreams and happy thoughts that you knit into each stitch for the baby as you work.  It's a very special thing. With that in mind, I hoped to knit one more sweater for … Continue reading One More Sweater

A New Baby Gift

There's something about knitting for babies.  They embody the very idea of potential, an idea I closely associate with yarn and knitting.  So when I choose a project for a baby, I take great care in selecting materials that suit the family, a color that matches the mood of the season, and a design that's … Continue reading A New Baby Gift

FO:: Little Oak

A sweet knit for an even sweeter baby, Little Oak was the perfect project for an autumn baby boy.  I really enjoyed knitting this cardigan, and tried to infuse good thoughts and hopes of restful nights for my friend  and her new baby as I knit each stitch.  This baby will be swathed not only … Continue reading FO:: Little Oak

FO: Secret Baby Sweater

We're home!  It was wonderful to get away, spend good time with family, and just relax into a daily rhythm revolving around fun.  Today is catch-up day around here: laundry, sorting through mail, errands, chores, and blogging, of course! This project has been done for a while, but I wanted to keep it a secret … Continue reading FO: Secret Baby Sweater

Out & About

Peaceful Baby was seen around town this past weekend sporting a colorful hand-knit, mama-made sweater. She really seemed to enjoy wearing it.  It almost looks like she's dreaming of more knit sweaters... I know I am! As with any project, it is immensely satisfying to see the finished product being put to good use. Especially … Continue reading Out & About

Kickstart Cardi

You know that feeling when you spend the whole day excited that it's Friday, making plans for how you will spend your weekend, only to find out at some point that it's really only Thursday? Or what if you were a little kid and you thought surely that family vacation to Disneyworld was happening this … Continue reading Kickstart Cardi