Look Who’s Here!



We welcomed Calvin Cedar into our family on February 6th, 2015.  The build up to his birth was long and somewhat stressful, but once he decided he was ready things went quickly. Calvin was born at home in what was one of the most beautiful, empowering experiences of my life.  Our midwives are my new heroes; I have so much respect for their knowledge, experience, and compassionate care.

We have been tucked safely in the new baby bubble for almost 2 weeks now and are so in love. Sleep deprived and desperately in need of a shower, but very happy indeed.


Big Sister Georgia is also doing well. She didn’t want to get too close too fast to this new alien baby in our home, and we didn’t push her.  She would cautiously approach him, ask a question or comment on his smell, and be gone.  We’d read a story or share a snack in bed with the sleeping baby, and she’d steal looks here and there.  After a week she was ready to hold him, and hasn’t wanted to stop since!

I’m thrilled that you’re here in our arms, Calvin. Welcome to the family.



Today is Peaceful Baby’s first birthday. I can hardly stand it. For the past couple of months, I have been marveling at this day’s approach, scarcely able to believe it was almost here. Friends told me it would go by quickly, and though I was determined to savor it all, they were right!  And now it’s been a whole wonderful, exhausting year and my baby girl is one.

She is a spunky wonder who walks, chatters, plays, reads books, eats food, bounces to music, waves bye-bye, blows kisses from the back of her hand, and a thousand other charming things every day. I am full on smitten with this kid, and am so thankful she is here.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Yarn Thief

Today I wanted to get caught up on things around here.  This has been a bit of an off week, with both PB and I battling the stomach bug.  Yuck.  There wasn’t much knitting during those dark days, but there was before the sickness struck.  I have been knitting a sweater (I know!), some socks, and a couple of other small gifts.  I wanted to show you photos of everything and tell you how each project was going.  Then this happened.

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There’s a yarn thief in my house.



This Moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. —Soule Mama


PB after eating raspberries and dirt from our garden

A quick update on my TTL Mystery Sock knitting: I am behind.  I got sidetracked with finishing up my Petrie tank, but I hope to get caught up this weekend. Have a good one!

7 Months Later

Peaceful Baby turns a mature 7 months old today.

I love my daughter so wholly it’s shocking.  Her bright eyes and easy smile fill my heart to capacity, making me laugh and enabling me to see the world from a new perspective.

But there’s another side to all of that: being a parent is hard.

Motherhood is so much more complicated, challenging, rewarding, exhausting, and loving than I ever imagined.

When I was pregnant there was no shortage of comments from people about how life would never be the same. You  know the ones: enjoy ____ now because after you have the baby, forget about it.  I knew my life was about to change in unimagineable ways, and I felt up to the task.  The day to day challenges were expected: sleep interruptions, feeding, changing diapers, struggling to keep up with laundry, housework, trying to maintain a social life, or even a reasonably put together appearance.  But what I wasn’t prepared for was the realization that becoming a mother didn’t complete me as a person.

Take a moment. Breathe.  I had to.

Through all those months and years of struggling to conceive, I held firm to the belief that once I held this little being in my arms I would be awash in a sea of contentment and love.  Don’t get me wrong, I felt those things and more.  But once life with baby settled into a routine and I was able to see clearly again, I realized that it’s more complicated than that.

Who is satisfied by just one facet of their lives?  Are you solely contented by your career/family/spouse/art?  I think if we look honestly at ourselves, we can see that we are multifaceted and have needs that can only be filled with a rich variety of interests.  I was shocked to discover that having a baby didn’t complete me.  I still struggled with the same issues and concerns about my life as I had before becoming a mom.  This was upsetting, challenging, and painful, but after some thought, I realized it’s also okay.

I am a mother. I love my daughter.  But I am also a dynamic person who needs to find room in my life to explore and create, without the guilt that seems to be an inherent part of motherhood for many women.  Taking the time out of my day to knit, read, meet up with a friend, or even take a long shower doesn’t mean taking time away from my baby.  This time I create for myself within the day allows me to refill that little creative battery within me, and when fully charged I am a much more patient, engaged parent.

So, 7 months into this motherhood gig these are my thoughts.  Life will always be a work in progress, and I know that as quickly as PB changes and grows, so will my identity as a mama and as a woman.

She Shrugs

There has been quite a lot of knitting going on around here lately.  I’m working on a tank top for myself, a birthday shawl for my mom, and a new lace project for a knit-along with my Stitch ‘n Bitch group.  And while those are all larger projects, I do have something finished to share!

A couple of weeks ago as we were headed out to watch a baseball game, I decided I needed to start something small and quick.  My decision was so last-minute I was practically running around gathering yarn and needles as the car was backing out the driveway!   I just had that need to start a new project, one I could potentially finish in a day or two; I’m sure you know what I mean.  And so it came to be that I ended up choosing a shrug for PB.  Because babies need shrugs.  Obviously.

  • Pattern: Confection Baby Shrug by Tonya Wagner (Ravelled here)
  • Yarn: South West Trading Company 100% soy silk, 120 yards held double
  • Needles: US size 8
  • Mods: None.

This was, as you might expect, a fast and simple knit.  The only downside is that there is seaming under the arms, and quite a few ends to weave in at the finish.  I’m thinking it would be quite simple to knit the sleeves in the round on double-pointed needles to save some work.  If only I’d had that thought a little bit earlier in the process…

This yarn was given to me by Pixisis in one of her de-stash efforts some time ago.  I took it because it was in one of my favorite colors; I knit with it because I wanted to see what soy felt like knitted up.  It is soft, almost silky, and seems perfect for warmer weather when you need just a little something between the world and baby’s skin.