The Joy of Mail

I love getting mail.  More than receiving mail, I enjoy the small daily ritual of walking down to the mailbox, hoping that as I open that little metal door there is something interesting waiting inside.  Usually it’s just bills and catalogs.  Occasionally it’s a new magazine for me (as opposed to a woodworking magazine for Sweetie), and that is very exciting indeed.  Rarer still are the days when I open the door to reveal a package.  If it’s small enough to fit in the mailbox and it has my name on it, chances are it’s something soft and squishy.  And you know what that means, don’t you?

Knitabulous Softsock in Pink Granite

Over the summer Bellsknits began her adventures in sewing, turning out one great project after another.  At one point, she put up a contest on her blog giving away one of her handcrafted project bags.  And I won!  Since I was in geographical transition, Bells kindly put off mailing the bag until I got settled at my new address.  I suspect she felt there was so much of a delay she should put a little something extra in the package, and I am more than happy to receive it.  Hand-dyed sock yarn, I swoon for you.  Thank you, Bells!