Birthday Dress Snubbed, Mama Okay





The birthday dress was finished two full days before the big day!  It was a fun project to design with The Geeg, and a delicious yarn to knit with.

She tried it on once and took it off again immediately.

I’m really not surprised that she doesn’t want to wear this right now.  The same thing happened last year, despite involving her in the selection process.  It’s okay.

As strange as this may sound, I don’t knit these birthday gifts so that she’ll wear them.  I knit them for her as a way to show my love.

It’s a time I spend thinking about her, the past year, and all the adventures she has ahead of her in life.  Sure, I knit other things for her when she asks and really enjoy that. But the annual birthday sweater is a constant and a great exercise in intention and thoughtfulness for me.

It’s hanging in her closet now, alongside her other dresses.  I hope that one day she surprises me by coming out of her room with it on.  Until then, I’m happy I made it and am content to wait.

Yarn: superwash DK by Yarn Ink in Frozen  Pattern: Oriental Lily by Georgie Hallam

Ravelry notes here.  More details on the project in this post.

Birthday Dress Update

IMG_9578I’ve made a commitment to knit G a sweater each year for her birthday.  As a knitter with a winter baby, it seems like a sensible time to knit her an annual sweater (and an inspiring excuse to do so).  You can see her first birthday sweater here.  I can’t believe she’s going to be 5!

It feels particularly important and special that I put some extra love and work into the Birthday Sweater this year.  Our new baby is due later this month, and I want her birthday to be special, memorable.  She may not remember whether the dress was finished before her birthday or after, but I hope she remembers that I made her special clothes for her birthday.  That I knit a different one each year until she asked me to stop.




Except this time she requested a dress.  A floor-length dress. With a train.  Like Queen Elsa.

I wasn’t about to commit to that much knitting!  Fortunately, we quickly negotiated and agreed that a sewn train/cape would be acceptable.  But that’s a whole other project…

A couple of months before her birthday, I start asking G what she’d like in a sweater this time.  Color, style, themes.  This gave me time to favorite some patterns on Ravelry and pre-select some yarn for her to choose from.  She quickly chose Oriental Lily by Georgie Hallam and this shade of yarn from Yarn Ink, appropriately called Frozen.

This dress has been a really fun knit. I’ve been working on it monogamously (more or less) for a couple of weeks.  It’s been in the car, at work, in cafes, and just about every room of our house. Of course, it seemed like it was not growing at all for a few days there; every time I measured it felt like I still had 6 inches to go!  Thankfully she has requested it have short sleeves, so this should be done by the weekend.

Now to figure out how to sew an organza cape…

PB Turns Three

Remember this?  It seems like ages ago.


More like 3 years.  I know it seems like a bit of a cliche to say this, but honestly? Where does the time go?!  When PB was a baby, someone wisely told me that the days go by slowly but the years pass quickly.  That felt very true then (oh, how slowly some days would go in the beginning), but resonates especially well now.  She’s been in our family for three whole years now!  


At this age she is a total jabber-box!  Nearly nonstop stories, questions, jokes, and conversations with her toys.  She loves to “get fancy” and dance ballet, pretend to be chased by alligators or hot lava, and will eat an adult-size serving of ice cream anytime, anywhere.  Parenthood is both easier and more difficult that it has ever been.  I suspect that will always be the case.  For now, I am focusing on staying in the moment and taking in every bit of her vivacious presence.



Mini Water’s Edge Cardigan by Hannah Fettig

I knit her a birthday sweater, of course.  I did the same when she turned one and two.  This was the first year PB was able to collaborate with me on the project.  When asked what color sweater she wanted, she suggested purple and even helped choose the button.  Before you get too misty-eyed, know that by helped I mean she wreaked havoc on my button collection while I kept pushing my pre-selected button faves in her direction.  In the end, she honestly did pick this matching ceramic button, much to my delight.

Happy birthday, my darling!