Yarn Along:: Mysterious Cables

  I picked up this book on an impromptu trip to the bookshop recently.  I had been in a full on grumpy-mama mood and was essentially banished from the house to clear my head.  It was for the best, and after just a few minutes browsing the aisles of one of our local book stores … Continue reading Yarn Along:: Mysterious Cables

Hooray:: A Finished Sweater!

This post has been a long time in the making.  I excitedly started this sweater back in January of 2012, and promptly put it into long-term time out after a mis-crossed cable episode.  The sweater got some brief attention back in September when I had ambitions to finish it in time for Sweater Weather in … Continue reading Hooray:: A Finished Sweater!

Purple Delicious

I finished my purple cabled hat with just a few inches of yarn to spare.  It's always a mad dash to the finish when you think you'll run out of yarn, isn't it?  I knit faster to ensure I would have enough yarn, just as I drive faster when the gas tank is low so as … Continue reading Purple Delicious

Sweetness and Light

I am in love with Malabrigo. It is everything good and pure about yarn: soft, pliable, beautiful in color and texture, it smells good (yes, I'm a yarn sniffer), it feels good to knit, and it blocks well. I've gone from their lace weight to a fluffy worsted weight this week, and am fully satisfied … Continue reading Sweetness and Light