I knew that although PB won the initial battle, I would ultimately win the wear-this-sweater war.

Granted, I snuck it on while she was busy at playing, but she did leave it on all day.  It’s a perfect fit, and I am back to thinking about making her another sweater this winter.  Cinnamon, Tea Leaves, Petite Facile, Milo, Phoebe’s Sweater, and Camilla Kid are all strong contenders.

What are you dreaming of knitting next?

Cowgirl, Butterfly, or Astronaut?

As my little daughter grows, changes, and begins to assert more and more personality I find myself thinking a lot about who she will become.  There are so many interesting things happening in her development; I have to wonder how much of who she is right now will remain as she grows older. How much of who we are as adults was around when we were small?  It’s a big question, and one that leaves me a little in awe of the power of nature and nurture to affect who our children are and will become.  To those of you with older children I have to ask: do your kids hold on to certain mannerisms, moods, and preferences as they get older? Is the essence of who we are as a unique person around from the time that we’re small? It’s fascinating!

Anyway… While pondering such questions, I came across the Cowgirl Butterfly Astronaut Vest from fawn pea, and the name truly resonated with me.  My little PB could be any and all of these things!  Oh, and the pattern is super cute, free, and uses buttons. Sold.

Unfortunately, PB wants nothing at all to do with this knit.  She usually loves wearing (and modeling) her hand knits, but for some reason this elicits quite a strong almost-two-year-old reaction. Hence the hanger photos!

This was a fun project to knit, though a little more detailed than I wanted at the time. It kept getting set aside after each step, awaiting the shoulder ruffles or button bands.  That said, this vest knit up quick, and the little touches that make it unique were the most fun!  The yarn is from the recently disbanded Portland company Pico Accuardi. I was sad to hear about this for two reasons: they’re a local company supplying yarn to Stash, and I loved working with this yarn! It’s naturally dyed, so the colors are truly special.

Are you knitting anything for a young person in your life right now?

Knitting Catch Up

I have been in somewhat of a knitting funk since opening Stash last month.  Overwhelmed with all the lovely yarn and patterns crossing the threshold of the shop, I have found that committing to one project is nearly impossible.  I have been casting on and swatching for a lot of things, but oftentimes rip them out and head back to the search.  When there’s so much of a good thing around, it can be difficult to narrow one’s focus.  So I’m trying to go with my knitter’s intuition and just cast on when the mood strikes, knit with abandon, and enjoy every stitch.  This also means that I haven’t really been finishing much…

Max is curled up on my open laptop while I listen, sip, and knit.

I have been on a cast on spree for both shop and personal knitting. These past two days off from work have been really productive knit-wise.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with PB’s Cowgirl Butterfly Astronaut Vest, and at this moment I just need to complete the second sleeve ruffle and the button band.  I also cast on for the Cambrian Cowl from Coastal Knits in Imperial Yarn Native Twist.  That bulky yarn is just flying off the needles, and is now waiting for me to pick up stitches and knit the flared yoke portion at the bottom.

While working on these two projects, I have also been catching up on podcasts (Stash and Burn, Knitmore Girls) and television (The Walking Dead season 2).  It feels really good to spend some time catching up on these simple activities in between the tasks and concerns of everyday life.  What are you watching or listening to as you knit this week?

Yarn Along:: Tardy to the Party

From Small Things:

Yarn Along~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.    

I took this photo on Tuesday. Couldn’t find the USB Cable on Wednesday. Uploaded photo on Thursday & forgot to finish blog post. Friday: success!

This is the Cowgirl Butterfly Astronaut Vest, designed for the feminine yet wylie little lady in one’s life. I have one of those, and I have been daydreaming of layering her up in all sorts of wooly vests since the first hint of fall wafted through the air. It’s knitting up quickly (already up to the armholes), and I am really enjoying knitting with the Pico Accuardi Marco.

I started reading The Condition this week, and have been enjoying it so far. It’s another family drama full of charged relationships and flawed characters, one of my favorite types of books! There have been a lot of extremely early wake ups in our house since Daylight savings time fell forward (4 am early. For almost 2 weeks. Yawn…), which means I’m only reading a few pages each night before falling asleep with a paperback on my face. So I’m happily yet slowly plodding away at both my knitting and reading this week. Again, yawn…

What’s on your needles and nightstand?