Craft Fair Rundown

I spent Friday morning making the final preparations for the craft fair on Saturday.  I packed my largest suitcase full of supplies: baskets, label maker, Styrofoam heads (with custom stands crafted by Sweetie), tape, scissors, a knitting wip, bags, tissue paper, and more.  In my car I had a table, some camp chairs, an orange chrysanthemum, some fake pumpkins, and some real cornstalks.  Those things are a mess, but worth it to create that autumnal feel in our booth.

Putting it all together on Saturday morning was a little hectic, but NutmegKnitter and I (with the help of TheatreKnitter) ended up with a great booth.  We were fortunate to have a clear, sunny day even though it was a bit chilly.  That fall chill probably made people even more interested in our warm wool accessories!

It was satisfying to see all of my work laid out on a beautiful table in the fall sunshine.  This day was the culmination of many ideas for both NutmegKnitter and myself.  From brainstorming ideas over knitting at Stitch ‘n Bitch to designing and knitting original neckwarmers, it was a challenging creative process.  I had to push myself through the roadblocks of boredom, knitter’s block, sore hands, and the temptation to start other projects.  But in the end I am so glad that we did this, and proud of the results.

And as a reward for all that hard work, a trip to the New York Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck was in order.  More on that next time…for now I need to go get a hot drink, rest, and wipe my nose–being outside for two days straight took its toll!

Anything but Knitting…

In a strange turn of events, I find myself in the unusual position of procrastinating working on my craft fair knitting.  It’s 9:30 in the morning and I have been baking, cleaning, and doing laundry.  Not knitting.  Anything but the knitting for just another hour or two, please!  So here I am, blogging.  Thing is, I’m not really feeling the urge to delve into a detailed post.  That means I’m also procrastinating writing about knitting.  This is bad.

Some interesting things I did this weekend instead of knitting:

  • Went on a double-decker bus tour in Manhattan. Didn’t knit for the 4 hours we were trapped.

  • Operated a spotlight for a musical performance at a local theater. Couldn’t knit: too dark.

  • Ate fast food in my car while listening to NPR’s ‘Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me’. No knitting while eating!

  • Saw a hot air balloon yesterday morning while walking the dog.  Wished I was in it not knitting.

I guess this means perhaps knitting shouldn’t be my full time job.  Something about having a deadline and selling my wares for money has me in a twist.  This activity that I turn to for relaxation, metal stimulation, and escape has become something I am doing for Others.  And that changes things.  Maybe it’s the rebellious black sheep in me.  Maybe I don’t like putting constraints on my knitting.  Perhaps it’s just wanting to remain selfish with this one activity in my life. But I just want to knit my way, dammit!

This is similar to how I felt during the Ravelympics in August; after about a week, I wanted to knit anything BUT the socks I had committed to working on.  Now I find myself making lists of the things I dream of knitting when this is finished. A Hanami Stole, a sweater, new socks, something lacy with that ball of Kidsilk Haze I have lying around…

Don’t get me wrong: I am thrilled to be participating in the craft fair.  It has been a fun learning experience, to be sure, and I am so glad I decided to go through with it.  But the last week or so has presented me with these new feelings, and I am really looking forward to this whole thing being in my rear-view mirror.

The above photos were of my hand-stamped tags I will be attaching to each piece.  The knit is a garter stitch neckwarmer I made out of a skein of handspun yarn from fuzzyfibers1960 and half a skein of Cascade Tuscany Grande.  With a vintage button, of course!

Too Much Yarn?

Is this too much yarn to take on a 7 day trip?

I’m going out of town for a week. This is a trip that will afford me plenty of knitting time waiting in airports, on airplanes, ferries, and in cars. One of the clear bags is backup yarn that will be going in my checked bag. The other will go in my carry on bag and contains two projects. You know, in case I finish one before I get to my destination.

While away, I plan on working on simple pieces like hats, neckwarmers, and fingerless gloves to build up an inventory for an upcoming craft fair I will be doing with Nutmeg Knitter. Since I will be selling my wares, it is important to me that the items I sell are original patterns representing my point of view. So along with all that yarn, I am not taking a single pattern or reference book. This is frightening and thrilling at the same time! I will be relying 100% on my own knowledge and creativity, hopefully being inspired by my surroundings and knitting up a storm.

The good news is, if I run out of yarn or project inspiration, there’s a yarn store or two where I’m going…

Have a great time knitting while I’m away!