Bedrest Knitting

The Christmas holiday is officially over.  This can be proven by the lack of festive decorations, holiday music, cookies, and wrapping paper strewn about the house.  Also, family have returned to their respective homes, Sweetie is back at work, and PB and I are trying to get back into some sort of routine at home.

This post-holiday time is always wrought with feelings of transition for me.  Of course, there are the inevitable feelings of wanting to begin this new year with intention, organized closets, getting back to a yoga class, and baking bread from scratch.  Then there’s my knitting to-do list!  I’m thinking of January as a Knit All the Leftovers from 2010 month.  More on that later.  For now, I’d like to share one last gift knit, documented with my new big-girl camera on a sunny winter’s day.

  • Pattern: Dashing (free from Knitty)
  • Yarn: Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran in color 360028, 96 yards
  • Needles: US 6/4 mm
  • Mods: Made shorter.  See mods on Ravelry

I was sick as sick the two weeks leading up to Christmas.  So much so that there was talk of me having mono.  I don’t, thank goodness, but until we found out for sure, I was assigned a strict regimen of bedrest.  Which, for a knitter with a toddler in the house, is a little like heaven!  I napped, caught up on podcasts, and knit these mitts for Sweetie.

Dashing is a pattern I had been meaning to make for years.  This simple, elegant cables just called out to me, and paired with a tweedy yarn I thought they’d be perfect for Sweetie.  The creamy oatmeal color of this yarn was so soothing to knit with; I have a tendency to go for bolder, saturated colors, and working with a neutral was unexpectedly thrilling.  I only had one ball of the yarn so I made the mitts significantly shorter, eliminating most of the rounds between the last cable twist and the thumb opening.  I think it worked out well, especially since I only had a couple of yards of yarn leftover!

And finally, because I have to share the cuteness, here’s a shot of PB and me, decked out in mama knits.

Happy Monday!

Tying up Loose Ends

I thought I’d make a quick pair of fingerless gloves for my mother-in-law (okay, it wasn’t entirely my idea, but I’m in a generous mood). There was an unassigned ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and a couple of free patters in my stash that I thought would be perfect. I have knit 2 pairs of Fetching with the same yarn, and love the feel of it. It’s also very nice to wear, even though it does get a bit of a fuzzy halo.* Interesting side note: my pair of mitts accidentally got thrown into the dryer (as so many of my hand knits do) and survived just fine.

They knit up incredibly fast in a 2×2 cable rib pattern on size 6 needles using about 3/4 of the skein.


A Little Twist Wristwarmers

This was my first time doing a Make 1 (m1), however, and I wasn’t entirely satisfied with how the thumb gusset looked after knitting the first mitt. So, after some coaching from a friend at Stitch ‘n Bitch, I ripped out the entire thing. This is something I rarely, if ever, do. I look at knitting as something to be relaxed about, and if the mistake won’t affect the usability or the aesthetic of the end product, I leave it. But I was interested in perfecting a new technique, I suppose, and wanted to get it right.


I still need to sew in the ends, and there are a couple of gaps that I’d like to go back and seam up. I was just so excited to finish and take a photo! I get extremely motivated to finish a project just so I can write a post and change the status on Ravelry to Finished! Hey, whatever works, right?

*This yarn also turned my bamboo needles blue. Has this ever happened to you?